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Hi, I'm Terry Lamb Let's DO Marketing.

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You Need A Marketing System Don't You: I Knew It!

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What People Are Saying About The Truth

“The Proof Is In The Truth.”

"Game Changer? Um yes I just said that - you should have seen me online, for years looking like a fool following all of the generic advice, posting, spamming groups, opt in pages with a beach in the background hoping to get a lead. Embarrassing really.

Honestly after about 3 episodes of the TRUTH I was hooked, and am reforming my ways"

Rob Doolittle
- the silent affiliate

“Here's What Real Marketing Looks Like"

“I trashed my blog, got rid of my ranting and raving YouTube channel and I did what Terry says, and within a week I had my first real leads, 4 new sales and a new found respect for simplicity - I now know what marketing really is - blessed."

Samantha Allen
- I'm no coach, but I can teach

“Can you ever have too many sales?"

“It's a fair question: can you have too many sales?

The answer is: once I figured out this marketing thing I found myself letting go of the complexities, letting go of how many likes I have on a post and focusing on converting leads to sales - as Terry says, it's 100% mindset - get your mind right and it's all so easy.

Just don't be afraid of the truth.

Trevor Lakepool
- the Dark Post marketer
Terry Lamb

About This "Marketing Truth" Guy...

Here's me talking about myself...

This is my 26th year online creating income through sales and marketing and boy, have I seen it all - and I'm just going to give you the TRUTH so you can skip the years of failure and frustration when it comes to using what really works in this niche of "online marketing" let me simplify your online marketing life, help increase your income and share my life of freedom along the way. Onward my marketing friend!

Real Online Marketers VS. Wanna Be Hobbyists

Let's get right to the heart of what works online, and what doesn't.

The Pros List

  • You have an email list of leads and paying prospects.
  • $5 per day paid advertising is better than working 80hrs a week "attracting"
  • Ready, fire, aim and make IT happen!
  • You have a "system" that you can plug into and share with your team.
  • Learn, do, teach - and create awesome content so you can exist and make sales!

The Wanna Be List

  • You post your business opportunity on your personal Facebook profile.
  • Paid advertising scares you, you've lost before right and vow to never lose again!
  • You overthink everything, and it holds you back, ouch!
  • You don't want to "exist" online so you hide and avoid learning marketing.
  • No mentor, No system; you're stubborn.

100% Truth Guarantee

You are fully protected by my honest (sometimes painful) 100% Satisfaction-Truth Guarantee. If you don't get more profits online and more time freedom, just let me know and I'll painfully point out why it's not working for you. From adversity and pain (i.e. the TRUTH) comes opportunity and growth.

Terry Lamb

P.S.: It will be hard to hear me and see my side, IF you have been marketing brainwashed online, it happened to me and it took me years to break free of the blind following the blind online - but my suffering is your gain. Stay with me and I'll help you see the light, the profits and the freedom that comes along with getting your online marketing handled.

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